Saturday, December 8, 2012

2012: The Denver Broncos Reformation

For over a half-century the Broncos brand has provided Denver's community with a shared heritage. In 1960, historic Mile High Stadium hosted the Broncos, Denver's first professional sports team, AFL charter season. The stadium, originally constructed in 1948 for Denver's minor-league baseball team, served as a tangible manifestation of the "Mile High" identity, the "5280 Ethos," until its deconstruction in 2002.

Although, the Broncos no longer play in the original stadium, fans continue to associate home games at "Sports Authority field at Mile High" with historic Mile High Stadium. Jim Saccomano, Broncos' VP of Public Relations, effectively summarizes Mile High stadium's rich legacy, 
"Mile High Stadium was the birthplace of Broncomania. The stadium nurtured both the fans and the team, and watched Broncomania become a national phenomenon."
After more than 5 decades in Denver, the Broncos' resume includes: 18 playoff appearances, 6 AFC Championships – T-2nd for most all-time (8-Steelers, 6-Patriots), 2 Super Bowl wins, and an all-time regular season record (1960-2012) of 416-375-10. More importantly, the Broncos represent one of professional sports' most die-hard fan bases. Since 1960, every season in the Mile High City has been sold out. Broncomania - a Mile High fanaticism emerging from the city's oldest sports tradition.

Denver Broncos '12 
AFC West Champions. Trending National Media Icon. Super Bowl Contender. 

The Broncos 8-game winning streak is a testament to the 180° turnaround of this organization. In 2010, under Josh McDaniels, the Denver Broncos posted a 3-10 record as of Week 14. This season, John Fox has led Denver to a 10-3 (5-0 division) record, establishing the Broncos as an AFC Championship contender. With the offseason addition of hall-of-famer, Peyton Manning, the Broncos young playmakers shine. Moreover, Denver's defense continues to repress any opposing momentum with its electrifying pass rush - t-1st in the NFL with 39.0 sacks (as of Dec. 8, 2012). 

In 1997-1998, the Broncos won back-to-back Super Bowls under John Elway's command. Many Bronco fans cite those years as the "glory days," considering the 1998 team (14-2 record) the best in the franchise's illustrious history.

Does this '12 team deserve comparisons to the '98 Denver Broncos? Is Broncomania witnessing the return of a dynasty?

Denver, more than just a city - The 5280 Ethos.

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