Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fantasy Football Discussion: Thoughts for Denver Broncos Fans

Aug 14, 2013 – With Fantasy Football Draftboards being filled across the country, fans struggle to make decisions to win their league, choosing players from their respective communities over consistently higher scoring players. Here is a breakdown of the Denver Broncos for those attempting to both win their leagues and pledge allegiance to Broncomania.

Peyton Manning – Scored over 300 points in PPR leagues last season. After Adrian Peterson is taken, pick up Manning because he will throw for 250+ yards and 2 TDs every game. Diagnosis: Manning is the only player on the Broncos roster with round 1 caliber.

Ronnie Hillman/Montee Ball – These two will split carries until Ball learns the Manning offense. In short yardage situations, it remains unclear if Montee Ball or Jacob Hester will get the carry. Diagnosis: Denver RBs can be a strong backup option, but do not expect consistency.

Demaryius Thomas – With 94 receptions, 1,434 yards, and 10 TDs in the 2012 season, Thomas remains Manning's go-to receiver for big plays. In PPR leagues, Thomas is a top five WR. Diagnosis: D.T. is a late first round pick for PPR leagues, but a second-third round pick in standard leagues.

Wes Welker – As a member of the New England Patriots, Welker was a top 10 receiver. As a Denver Bronco, his catches will be limited. Expect Welker to struggle from week-to-week as he transitions from life as an offense's centerpiece. Diagnosis: Welker functions best as a flex player to be taken around the 40th pick.

Eric Decker – With 85 receptions, 1,064 yards, and 13 TDs in the 2012 season, Decker exceeding expectations. With the addition of Wes Welker, Decker will be utilized as a increasingly "situational" player in 2013. However, Decker is a hard worker with a nose for the endzone. Diagnosis: Decker is a solid flex option in non-PPR leagues, where his affinity for TDs is more heavily weighted than the rest of his stat-line.

Broncos TEs – In Week 1 of the preseason, viewers saw both Julius Thomas and Virgil Green make exceptional plays. This position will likely see a platoon system in place in 2013, making each individual TE for the Denver Broncos less valuable for Fantasy Football team owners. Diagnosis: Avoid, avoid, avoid.

Defense/Special Teams – Orange Crush 2.1 is a great starting option for any owner. In Week 1 of the preseason, the Broncos defense provided the only score in the entire game – FORESHADOWING. Diagnosis: One of 3 defenses in the NFL with consistently high weekly scoring potential – Cardinals and Texans.

Matt Prater – Given that Prater can still kick field goals from a mile away and has ample extra point opportunities, Prater is a top 3 kicker in Fantasy Football. Diagnosis: If all starter slots have been filled, but you still don't have a Denver Bronco on the roster – Prater is worth an early selection.

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